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Climate Reactive Servicing

Reactive servicing request (breakdowns)

If your system stops working, is not operating correctly, or you notice something abnormal, please call us right away on 06 769 6410. If we can’t help you over the phone, we will send a technician out to your property. Our goal is to get your system up and running as quickly as we can.

Emergency service callout (afterhours)

If your heating system breaks down afterhours, we can provide an emergency callout service for $270, which covers the first hour of our technician’s time. For any time worked after the first hour, you will be charged our normal hourly rate, plus a vehicle service fee and the cost of parts, if needed. In most cases, our technicians resolve emergency callouts during the first hour or are able to stabilise the system so work can be resumed the next day.
If we are called out on a Public Holiday, an additional callout fee is charged to cover our obligation under the Holidays Act 2003, which requires us to pay our tradespeople a day in lieu for working on a Public Holiday.

Climate Planned Maintenance Servicing

Prevent minor issues from becoming major ones

All heating appliances and systems should be serviced regularly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Regular servicing helps maintain the efficiency, safety, and performance of your appliances and ensures the validity of the product’s warranty.

It’s a good idea to have your system serviced before you need it. This way you will have peace of mind that your system will serve its purpose when the first cold spell or heat wave hits.

Climate’s maintenance service recommendations

Below we have described the ideal servicing schedules for many popular home heating and cooling systems.

Heat pumps (air conditioners) and ducted air conditioning

In a domestic location, we recommend annual servicing. Commercially it can range depending on the environment and usage – quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

We will check for any abnormalities and deterioration of both the indoor and outdoor units, the cooling, heating, and intake temperatures. We will clean and deodorise the filters, coil, fan, and condensate drain. We’ll make sure the outdoor unit is secure and clear of vegetation. Lastly, we will make sure the controller’s programming is correct and replace the batteries.

With ducted air conditioning, we will also check the ducting for airflow and any signs of rodent activity.

Wood fires

It’s a good idea to have your flue cleaned annually to prevent creosote build-up, which can cause chimney fires. At the same time, we will check your bricks, baffles, retainers, door rope, and the general condition of your fire to make sure it will provide another year of safe performance.

Gas heating appliances

For gas heating appliances such as gas fires, heaters, furnaces, and boilers, we recommend annual servicing. During this servicing, we will check for signs of scorching, clean dust and spider webs out of the air intakes and ventilation openings, clean the burner ports and check the ignitor, check and adjust gas pressures, visually check wires and electrical connections, and generally ensure that your gas appliance is safe to use.

Warm air ducted gas

As with gas appliances we recommend annual servicing of your furnace. We will also check the ducting for airflow, and rodent activity. If you have zoning we will ensure the dampers are working as they should and make sure your controller’s programming is correct and replace the batteries.

Warm water in-floor and radiators

With all warm-water systems, the water needs to be treated with a corrosion guard inhibitor annually to stop corrosion of the components and stop sludge build-up. The water pressure also needs to be checked and the water topped up if required.

The boiler will need annual servicing whether it’s gas, diesel, or heat pump operated. If running off diesel, the diesel tank will need treating periodically – check with your diesel provider to find out what they recommend.

Heat transfer

Generally, heat transfers are fairly maintenance-free apart from checking the ducting for airflow and rodent activity. Make sure you vacuum the intake air grille in the wood fire room often to clear the dust that accumulates on the grille.

Electric Heating

Electric heaters are generally maintenance-free, requiring only a periodic vacuum to clear the dust away, along with a visual check for any scorching and frayed electrical cords.

Maintenance Service Request

If your system has not been serviced for a while or you feel that your system is not operating correctly, please call us (06 769 6410) to schedule a maintenance service visit. Alternatively, you may use the form to the right to request servicing.

The Climate Asset Management System

We have created a unique asset management system that helps us monitor all heating appliances installed in your property. When we set up a new property, we first document important information about each appliance, including:

  • Type of appliance
  • Date installed
  • Model and serial number
  • Location and site of appliance
  • Any other relevant details

From here, we manage both planned maintenance and reactive servicing. We will recommend a servicing schedule for your home and then liaise with you to perform the service as the system alerts us of upcoming services. When a problem occurs, our technicians can immediately access the necessary information about your appliance through mobile devices that are connected to our database. This enables them to provide resolutions effectively and efficiently.

If you have multiple sites, such as rental properties or multiple business locations, we can link your appliances (assets) to each site. If your property is sold, the assets will remain linked in our system, providing the subsequent owner with vital information about their new appliances.

You can keep track too!

A customer portal is included in our asset management system. This allows you to manage your assets and view the following information in real-time:

  • A list of all your sites (editable)
  • A database of all your assets recorded at each site
  • Reports that include planned maintenance test results, defects, and recommendations
  • Any quotes we have created for you
  • Any jobs we have pending, in progress, completed, and invoiced
  • A history of your invoices

Not only does the customer portal make it easy to keep your assets in good working order, but it also gives you insight into the life span of your assets so you can plan financially and operatively for their replacement.

Customer Portal Setup

If you would like Climate to have your property registered in our asset management system, please call us today (06 769 6410). Alternatively, use the contact form or stop by our showroom on Leach St. in New Plymouth.

Service Request

Ready to schedule a maintenance service visit? Fill out your details below and we’ll be in touch shortly!

Please note, we are only able to provide service in Taranaki.

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