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Climate reactive servicing

Reactive Servicing Request

If you ventilation system stops working or is not operating correctly, please call us (06 769 6410). If we can’t help you over the phone, we will send a technician to your property. Our aim is to get your system up and running as quickly as possible

Emergency Service Callout (Afterhours)

If your ventilation system breaks down afterhours, our emergency service callout fee is $270, which covers the first hour of our technician’s time. For any time worked after the first hour, you will be charged at our normal hourly rate, plus a vehicle service fee and the cost of any required parts. Most emergency callouts can be resolved within the first hour, or made safe enough for us to return on the next working day.

If we are called out on a Public Holiday, an additional callout fee is charged to cover our obligation under the Holidays Act 2003, which requires us to pay our tradespeople a day in lieu for working on a Public Holiday.

Climate planned maintenance servicing​

Don’t let small issues become big ones

All systems should be serviced regularly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain the efficiency, performance and safety of your appliances. Regular servicing ensures validity of the warranty and prevents minor issues from becoming major ones.

It’s smart to have your system routinely serviced so you can be assured that it is always operating as intended.

Ventilation system maintenance recommendations

Filters are the heart of indoor air quality and are a vital part of keeping indoor environments clean and free from dust and particulates that can affect health. Filters will only do their job and perform as specified when they are maintained and replaced as intended. They need to be checked, cleaned and replaced when deterioration occurs or at recommended replacement intervals.

Call us when your filter is due for replacement. We can also put you on our maintenance schedule to ensure your filter is replaced when recommended. You can also purchase filters from Climate to replace yourself.

Maintenance service request

If your system has not been serviced for a while or you feel that your system is not operating correctly, please call us (06 769 6410) to schedule a maintenance service visit. Alternately, you may use the form to the right to request servicing.

Climate's asset management system

We have created a unique asset management system that allows us to keep track of all ventilation appliances installed on your property. When we set up a new property, our first action is to document the following information about each appliance:

  • Type of appliance
  • Date installed
  • Model and serial number
  • Location and site of appliance
  • Any other relevant details

From here Climate manages both planned maintenance and reactive servicing. We will recommend how often your system should be serviced and then liaise with you to carry out the work when the system alerts us. In the event of a breakdown, our technicians are able to resolve issues faster because they can immediately access any required information by way of mobile devices connected to our database.

If you have multiple sites such as rental properties or multiple business locations, we can link your systems to each site. If your property is sold the assets will remain linked to the site, with all their history available to the new owner.

You can keep track too!

We have included a customer portal in our asset management system, which allows you to manage your assets and view the following information in real time:

  • A list of all your sites (editable)
  • A database of all your assets recorded at each site
  • Reports that include planned maintenance test results, defects and recommendations
  • Any quotes we have created for you
  • Any jobs we have pending, in progress, completed and invoiced
  • A history of your invoices

Not only does the customer portal make it easy to keep your assets in good working order, it also gives you insight into the life span of your assets so you can plan financially and operatively for their replacement.

Customer portal setup

If you would like Climate to setup your customer portal so you can manage your ventilation appliances easily, please call us today on 06 769 6410. Alternately, use the contact form or stop by our showroom on Leach St. in New Plymouth.

Service Request

Ready to schedule a maintenance service visit? Fill out your details below and we’ll be in touch shortly!

Please note, we are only able to provide service in Taranaki.

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