Climate Single Room Heating

Bring some warmth to the heart of your home

At Climate, we offer a number of heating systems designed to heat a single room or space in your home or workplace. These systems are great for:
  • Families that spend a lot of time in one central room and don’t require an extensive heating system for the rest of the house
  • Homes with an existing heating system that does not effectively heat a particular room
  • Adding ambience to your living room or lounge
  • Personal heating for your office
Our options range from the quintessential Kiwi wood fire to the versatile and modern heat pump, which can also be used to cool down a space in the summer. Explore your options on our website or call us to set up a free consultation today. If you’re not sure what you need, our experts can help you decide!

Products designed to heat a single room

We offer the following products, which are each uniquely designed to effectively heat a single room:
  • Heat pumps (air conditioners)
  • Wood fires
  • Gas fires
  • Gas heaters
  • Electric heaters
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