Climate Warm Water Radiator Central Heating

Heat your home quickly with radiator central heating

Radiators central heating is a fast and effective way to heat your home that gives control over the temperature in each individual room. Radiators heat from a lower level, so objects around them feel the warmth quickly. In addition, a natural convection effect occurs with heating radiators. This means that you’ll enjoy the benefits of radiant heat and get a double shot of heat from naturally occurring convection.

How it works

A boiler, usually located in the garage or laundry room, heats water and then pumps it through piping into radiators throughout the house. The warm water flows silently through the radiators and heats them, which in turn heats up the room. The water returns to the boiler for reheating and continues its cycle back to the radiators. Natural gas (most efficient), LPG or diesel can be used to power the boiler. Wood burning boilers are also available, but these tend to be less popular due to the amount of labour required to keep them going.

The system is controlled by a programmable controller, which can be set to turn on and off at your convenience. Valves on each of the heating radiators are used to control the temperature of individual rooms. You can also add heated towel rails to this system, which keeps towels dry and prevents damp air from lingering in the bathroom.

Things to remember

A radiator central heating system can be installed in new or existing homes. In existing homes, there needs to be sufficient space under the floor to lay pipework. The system can also be combined with an infloor heating system, which provides the lower level of the home or the main living area with luxurious infloor heating, while the rest of the home is heated by radiators.

Warm water radiators available at Climate

Radiator central heating is a popular choice in Taranaki homes. We offer a range of radiator styles and boiler systems to provide an efficient system for you home.

Want to learn more about radiator central heating?

If you’d like further information on how radiator heating can improve your standard of living or to arrange a FREE consultation, call the team at Climate on 06 769 6410. Our showroom is also open on Leach St, New Plymouth if you prefer to stop by. Alternatively, you can send us a message via the contact form.

Climate Warm Water Radiator Central Heating



  • Economical, as water carries more heat than air
  • Individual temperature control for each room
  • Safe to have around children


  • Whole home central heating
  • Particularly suited to older villa type homes


  • Natural gas or diesel
  • Wood burning boilers are available, but are better suited for wood fire enthusiasts


  • Price is dependent on number of radiators, type of fuel and amount of pipe work.
  • For an average home with 9 radiators and a natural gas boiler, systems start at $16,000
* Prices are for budgeting purposes only and are subject to change. They are based on a standard installation and include GST. Once you have chosen the heating system you would like for your home, we will issue a quote based upon your specific requirements. Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional information.
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