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Electric heaters – an easy option!

Electric heaters are one of the easiest and best-known options for heating a single room. Simply plug the heater in and it makes you warm! All electric heaters are 100% efficient, which means that all of the electrical energy used is converted into heat. While electric heaters are less efficient than heat pumps, which offer 300-400% efficiency, their effectiveness can be enhanced by the different ways they distribute heat into the room.

Heat distribution methods

You should choose your electric heater based on the way you want the heater to warm the space. There are three heat distribution methods available:

Convection heaters warm air

Room air is drawn into the heater and then passes over a heated element that warms the air. The heated air rises naturally from the heater towards the ceiling and then circulates through the room as it layers down towards the floor. Some heaters include a fan to help the warm air circulate more quickly throughout the room.

Radiant heaters warm objects

Instead of warming the air around you, infrared radiant heat warms all objects in its direct path. With radiant heaters, heat reaches you more quickly because it doesn’t rise to the ceiling before layering down to warm the air around you. Radiant heat also warms walls and furnishings, which keeps them dry and minimises dampness and mould growth.

Convection and radiant combination heaters warm you all over

When the two types of heating are combined in one heater you get the best of both methods, with radiant heat warming you directly and convection heating the air around you – the perfect combination for a cosy environment.

Things to consider when choosing an electric heater

It’s important to consider the area you want to heat before choosing an electric heater. Electric heaters are best suited for smaller areas or single rooms. They won’t heat larger areas effectively unless you have multiple heaters running.

Because electric heaters source power directly from an electrical outlet, there is the risk of shock and electrocution if these appliances are not used properly. Do not cover electric heaters with anything such as blankets or clothing as this may cause a fire.

Electric heaters available at Climate

NOBO Oslo panel electric heaters

Installing NOBO Oslo Panel heaters will add style, comfort, efficiency and value to your home. Scandinavian made, they boast an ultra accurate thermostat. When you set your desired temperature you will know that your heater will stick to it. The stable heat output gives the Oslo greater efficiency, saving you money in heating costs.

Oslo panel heaters are child safe with a lower surface temperature, are designed with hidden heat outlets to stop prying fingers, and incorporate a child-lock timer.

The Oslo’s completely silent operation means the heaters are ideal for bedrooms. You can choose to have your heater wall mounted or on castors if you want the freedom to move it between rooms.

For a whole home solution you can install multiple heaters and use the wifi enabled panel heating system to control your heat with an app on your phone.

All NOBO Oslo panel heaters are covered under a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY – that’s commitment to quality!

View the Nobo range at our online shop www.climateathome.nz.

LHZ electric heaters

These heaters are commonly used to heat hallways and single rooms in homes, offices, motels and hotels, retirement homes, and schools. Manufactured in Germany, LHZ electric heaters are crafted to the highest safety standards, made with high quality materials and come with a 5-year guarantee. They require no maintenance, are safe to use and operate silently.

LHZ electric heaters are available as freestanding or wall-mounted models in a wide range of sizes. LHZ offers both pure convection models and heaters with patented heat retention tablets that continue to radiate heat into an area for up to 30 minutes after the heater has turned off.

View the LHZ range at our online shop www.climateathome.nz.

Dimplex electric heating

Dimplex is the world’s largest electric heater company and we can tap into their entire range! From realistic flame effect electric fires to personal space heating ceramic or oil free column heaters, the choices are endless. We don’t have all of Dimplex’s heaters on display in our showroom, but we do have a catalogue you can choose from.

View the Dimplex range at our online shop www.climateathome.nz.

Visit our showroom to see all our heaters on display!

Which electric heater is right for you?

If you’re interested in using an electric heater, we invite you to visit our showroom on Leach Street where all of our electric heaters are on display. To schedule a free consultation, please call us on 06 769 6410 or use the contact form to get in touch. Visit our showroom to see all our heaters on display or view at our online shop www.climateathome.nz.

Electric Heaters



  • Wall mounted heaters take up very little space
  • Freestanding options are easy to move
  • Digital or manual thermostats provide greater heating control and timing options


  • Single rooms


  • Electricity


  • From $100 (without installation)
* Prices are for budgeting purposes only and are subject to change. They are based on a standard installation and include GST. Once you have chosen the heating system you would like for your home, we will issue a quote based upon your specific requirements. Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional information.
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