Climate Multi Room Heating

Warmth and comfort throughout your home

For the ultimate in indoor comfort, choose a system designed to heat your entire home or workplace. These systems allow you to control the temperature throughout your home, ensuring your family is warm all over.

Existing homes

Families throughout New Plymouth and Taranaki are increasingly interested in improving their health and comfort by installing of a multi-room system in their home. A common misconception is that multi-room systems can only be installed during the construction of the home. These days, this is simply not true – we are almost always able to install our climate control systems into existing homes with little to no visible impact to the home.

New builds

We are happy to work with you, your architect and/or builder to select and design the best heating system for an upcoming build. When our team of experts is involved from the early stages of your build, the possibilities are endless!

Products designed to heat multiple rooms

The following products are designed to heat several different rooms in your home or business:

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