Climate Water Heating

Save money with an efficient hot water system

The energy required to heat water in your home makes up a large portion of your energy bill. In New Plymouth and Taranaki, this can amount to around a third of the average household’s power bill! Whether you’re looking for a new system to replace an older, inefficient water heater or the perfect system for a new home build, we have the solution for you.

We offer a range of hot water heating methods that have been optimised to provide your home with an adequate hot water supply that requires the minimal amount of energy consumption.

Hot water for commercial use

Certain businesses require much larger volumes of hot water and, as such, require more sophisticated hot water heating systems to keep up with this demand. In Taranaki, we have provided custom hot water systems to hotels, rest homes, dairy farms, and processing plants – just to name a few.

Whether you need a large storage system, circulating ring mains, rapid recovery system, multi units or single units, we will make sure your commercial hot water system is safe to use, works well and provides you with a cost-effective solution.

Check out these great hot water heating systems available through Climate:

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