Climate Water Cartridge Filter Systems

Clean water whenever you want it

Cartridge filters can remove or reduce undesirables such as chlorine, sediment, rust, dirt, pesticides, trihalomethanes, heavy metals, tastes and odours that can be found in our town water. Carbon activated cartridge filters are the most effective way to remove these contaminants.

Generally your cartridge filter needs replacing every 12 months, but this can vary based on filter type and the amount of water that passes through it. If you notice a decrease in water flow, this is a good indication that your filter needs to be changed.

Point-of-use cartridge filter systems

By far, the most popular type of water filter system is the point-of-use cartridge filter system. At Climate, we offer two types:

  • Under bench water filter system: The water cartridge filter unit is installed under the kitchen bench. A slimline tap is installed next to your existing kitchen tap to provide convenient access to drinking water.
  • On-tap instant boiling water filter system: Designed for your convenience, there are a range of combinations providing a selection of boiling, chilled, room temperature, and sparkling water all from the same tap. This type is also installed under bench and has a bench-mounted selector tap.

Climate total-home cartridge filter system

A total-home water filter system is designed to filter all water as it enters your home. Every drop of water from every tap is filtered, delivering clean, top quality water throughout the house.

We usually recommend a 2-stage jumbo filter with a sediment and carbon filter. Sediment (or grit and turbidity) in your water supply can cause problems when it settles out in tanks, plugs, pipes or fittings. Total-home systems help preserve the lifespan of your household and plumbing fixtures, washing machines, dishwashers and hot water cylinders.

Are you ready for cleaner water?

Our knowledgeable staff members are happy to help you select the right water filtration system for your home. To schedule a free consultation, you can call us (06 769 6410) or use our contact form to get in touch.

Water Cartridge Filtration



  • Clean, delicious water
  • On demand – no wait time for clean water


  • Anywhere clean, great tasting water is desired


  • Electricity


  • Point of use: $270 + install costs
  • Whole home: starting from $950 + install costs
* Prices are for budgeting purposes only and are subject to change. They are based on a standard installation and include GST. Once you have chosen the system you would like for your home, we will issue a quote based upon your specific requirements. Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional information.
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