Climate Gas On-Demand Water Heating

Enjoy never-ending hot water

On-demand gas hot water heating systems, also known as “continuous flow” hot water systems, offer a never-ending supply of hot water. They are more efficient than traditional electric or gas hot water cylinders because gas is only used to heat water when you turn on the tap, rather than heating water in a cylinder and maintaining the temperature throughout the day. Not only does on-demand hot water save you money, but it also provides the luxury of an endless hot water supply.

An on-demand hot water system can be installed into new and existing homes. They free up storage space in existing homes by eliminating the need for a bulky cylinder. They are commonly installed in the roof space or a cupboard, but can be installed just about anywhere. The only requirement is that there is space to install a flue.

Not currently connected to the gas mains?

You may be eligible for a free natural gas mains connection. The Gas Hub provide a free natural gas connection for properties within 40 metres of a gas main line that want to install an on-demand hot water system. We can help you determine if you’re eligible during your free consultation.

On-demand gas hot water systems are more cost effective when they are powered by natural gas, but they can also run on LPG. If there is an existing natural gas mains connection in your home, it may need to be upgraded to a large capacity gas line.

Commercial applications

Where there is demand for large volumes of hot water, commercial on-demand gas hot water heating systems can be plumbed together to allow higher flow rates than a single unit can provide. Climate can provide you with a customised solution specific to your needs.

Gas on-demand systems available at Climate

We are pleased to offer Rinnai, Paloma, Rheem and Bosch gas on-demand hot water systems. Based upon our experience, we have found these systems to be the most reliable and efficient.



  • Very efficient way of heating water
  • Pay only for the hot water you need
  • Never run out of hot water


  • Whole home hot water heating


  • Natural gas
  • LPG


  • Prices range from $3,500 – 4,500
  • Controllers are priced at around $250.00 each
* Prices are for budgeting purposes only and are subject to change. They are based on a standard installation and include GST. Once you have chosen the system you would like for your home, we will issue a quote based upon your specific requirements. Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional information.
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