Climate Positive Pressure Ventilation

Positive pressure reduces condensation

Positive pressure or forced air ventilation systems are the most common type of home ventilation system in New Zealand. The system brings drier air into the home from the outside and/or from the roof space. After passing through a filter, the air is gently forced into the home, which effectively pushes out stale and moist air that contributes to dampness and mould growth.

A customisable solution

Positive pressure systems can be customised to suit your unique needs. The following components can be added to positive pressure systems:

  • Tempering heater: Take the chill off of cool winter air as it comes into your home with a tempering heater. This is not designed to heat your home, but to take the edge off the air so you can heat your home more efficiently.
  • Heat transfer: A heat transfer system lets you utilise ‘excess heat’ from your wood fire to gently warm up other rooms in your home.
  • Summer feature: This brings cooler outside air into your home during the summer to make it easier to sleep on hot, muggy nights.

Let us design the perfect system for you

We are experts at ventilation! We can design, build and install a customised positive pressure ventilation system that is safe to use, works well and provides you with a cost-effective way of reducing moisture in your home.

Ready to learn more?

If you’d like further information on how the Positive Pressure ventilation system can improve airflow in your home, call the team at Climate on 06 769 6410. You can also stop by our showroom on Leach St, New Plymouth. Alternatively, you can send us a message via the contact form to get in touch.

View the SmartVent range at our online shop www.climateathome.co.nz.



  • Removes condensation, mould and moisture for a healthier breathing environment
  • Quiet and unobtrusive
  • Filtration, trapping dust mites, pollen and allergens


  • Whole home air distribution
  • Particularly suited to older homes with wooden joinery


  • Electricity


  • Price is dependent on the size of the home and number of rooms needing ventilation
  • From $2,500
* Prices are for budgeting purposes only and are subject to change. They are based on a standard installation and include GST. Once you have chosen the ventilation system you would like for your home, we will issue a quote based upon your specific requirements. Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional information.
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