How we charge for our services

Site service fee

All breakdown jobs incur a site service fee. This fee covers the first hour including time travelling to the site and time on site, plus vehicle and equipment usage. It does not include any parts or materials. For any time worked after the first hour, you will be charged at our tradesperson’s normal hourly rate in 15-minute increments plus any extra trips that may be required. Jobs further than 15km from Climate & Plumbing will also incur further travel costs.

Plumbing Breakdown / Inspection$139.13$160.00
HVAC Breakdown / Inspection$156.52$180.00
Gas Breakdown / Inspection$169.56$195.00

Labour charges

Our labour rates are based on an hourly rate and are charged in 15-minute increments.

Plumber, HVAC, Electrical, Tradesperson$92.00$105.80
HVAC Service Technician$112.00$128.80
Gasfitter Tradesperson$112.00$128.80
Gasfitter Service Technician$123.00$141.45

Onsite and offsite time charged

Our rates apply from when our tradesperson leaves our workshop until they return. You will also be charged time for any part sourcing, preparation and administration work required for your job, carried out by our tradesperson at our workshop.
We try to stock the most common parts in our trade vans, but with the thousands of different parts available it’s impossible to stock everything. Sometimes our tradesperson may need to leave your site to quickly acquire a part required for your job if it can’t be delivered to the site, this time will also be charged to you.
Our tradespeople have two half-hour breaks per day, one mid-morning and another for lunch. You will not be charged for these breaks.

Emergency site service callout fee (after hours)

All out-of-hours breakdown jobs incur an emergency site service fee. This fee covers the first hour including time travelling to the site and time on site, plus vehicle and equipment usage. It does not include any parts or materials.
Most emergency callouts can be solved within the first hour or made safe enough for us to return on the next working day. However, if it can’t be resolved quickly, for any time worked after the first hour you will be charged at our tradesperson’s normal hourly rate in 15-minute increments.
If we are asked to attend on a Public Holiday an increased fee is charged to help cover our obligation under the Holidays Act 2003 to pay our tradespeople a day off in lieu of working on a Public Holiday.

Emergency Site Service Callout Fee for After Hours$260.87$300.00
Emergency Site Service Callout Fee for Public Holidays$580.87$668.00

Vehicle use charge

Additional to our labour charge you will be charged for each trip.
This will vary dependent on where you are located. If we are required to make more than one trip to your location, you will be charged for each trip. If more than one tradesperson is required, you will be charged for each vehicle. You will also be charged the time it takes for our tradesperson to get to the site.

Up to 15 km from Climate & Plumbing$35.00$40.25
Per km in addition to 15 km from Climate & Plumbing$1.61 per km$1.85 per km


You may be charged for incidentals. This covers such things as, clean-up of area and equipment with any small amounts of solvents, sanitisers, biocides, gloves, and cloths, along with any small amounts of materials used such as screws, tape, and sealants.

Issuing certificates of compliance

Gas Safety Certificate
After we service a gas appliance, we issue a GSC (Gas Safety Certificate) that states your appliance is safe to operate. If your appliance is not safe to use a GSC will not be issued, and you will be advised not to use your appliance. 

Gas Certificate of Compliance
A GCOC (Gas Certificate of Compliance) is required for general or high-risk gasfitting. We issue a GCOC for any new additional gas installation or part installation.

Electrical Safety Certificate
Where electrical work is required on a job, and it is a like-for-like replacement, an ESC (Electrical Safety Certificate) is issued.

Electrical Certificate of Compliance
If the electrical work required is any additional new wiring, then we will issue an ECOC (Electrical Certificate of Compliance).

12A Certificate of Compliance
We issue a 12ACOC (12A Certificate of Compliance) for a commercial building warrant of fitness to confirm the specified HVAC systems in a building’s compliance schedule have been maintained and checked for the previous 12 months by us, in accordance with the schedule. We also issue 12ACOCs when testing backflow prevention devices annually to confirm they are compliant.

Gas Safety Certificate$52.17$60.00
Gas Certificate of Compliance$130.43$150.00
Electrical Safety Certificate$52.17$60.00
Electrical Certificate of Compliance$65.00$74.75
12A Certificate of Compliance$52.17$60.00

Fixed-price maintenance services

We offer a range of maintenance services at a fixed price. Our maintenance services do not include the cost of problem diagnosis, repair, parts replacement, labour for repairing, or the vehicle trip charge.

Quotes versus charge-up work

Replacements, upgrades, and installation jobs are generally quoted. We provide a ‘Total Fixed Price’ quote to do a job, which means our quote will include the solution being given, an outline of what the total price will cover, a description of what might not be covered, and what our terms and conditions are. You will see one total fixed price on the quote, as opposed to our charge-up work where you will receive an itemised bill of materials and labour with individual pricing, at the completion of the work.

We require a 50% deposit on acceptance of our quote.

If there are variations to the scope of the quoted job for whatever reason, the extra work will not be carried out until you are in agreement and understand that you will be charged accordingly for the extra work.


In some instances where it is difficult to provide a fixed price due to not enough information available, an expectation of unforeseen developments, or timeframe expectations we will provide you with an estimate. Our estimate will provide you with a reasonable idea of what the work will cost and will often include part fixed pricing and part variable pricing. As the work develops and we become more certain of what is required we will update you on how we are tracking against our estimate and what you will be charged.


When invoicing we try to be fair and reasonable and always take into consideration the time spent on the job as being genuine, the parts used were necessary, and anything else charged to your job as being relevant. Sometimes however we can get it wrong and if you believe you have been overcharged in any way or you are unhappy with our service, please let us know as soon as possible.

Card payment convenience fee

Payments made to Climate & Plumbing by credit card incur an additional Convenience Fee of 1.75% to cover third-party fees for accepting and processing credit card payments.

Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

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